Arnold Palmer, at age 76, made the following statement on the Golf Channel in December of 2005. “What I want to do, just like every other golfer, is to hit it hard and play better.” Also, during that segment on the Golf Academy Live, Arnold felt age was not an issue. He just felt, as we get older we create excuses. Is that not a great attitude? The man, who had a huge part in creating where golf is today, still wants to get better by hitting it longer.

Consistency is the number one request when a golfer or groups of golfers goes through their initial evaluation in a golf school or private instructional environment. Power is the second request. My thought is golfers want to find power first and worry about consistency later. Who wants to talk about fairways hit, when they can brag how far they can drive the ball? It is my opinion that each golfer has the desire for power above all is power. Golfers want to hit it hard! If that is not the truth then why do drivers outsell all other clubs each year?

Power golf has always captured the imagination of every golfer and spectator in any era.

That is what the Power Golf Academy is all about! Golfers learn to strike the ball with power.



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